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Are you a Retailer?

Think your responsive eCommerce store is enough to attract the customers? Think again. Your customers are going mobile, and it’s time you do too.


Along with your Magento store, give your business a definite boost with your own mobile app.

Native Apps

Native online shopping application that supports both iOS and Android platforms.


Create a mobile app for your PrestaShop store and harness the complete advantages of the popular platform.

Build your own Mobile App within a day

S-Mobi is a readymade mobile application that accelerates your brand’s transformation into a stunning mobile store.


Stay ahead to start selling big

Give your business a competitive edge with your own mobile shopping app. Connect with your customers on the go and double your revenue with S-Mobi.

Create and customize the application based on your unique brand image and message.

Easily sync the products and images from your e-commerce store to your mobile application.

Manage products, orders and inventory easily from the backend.

Accept payment and manage delivery through the payment gateway and shipping integration.

With 85% users preferring mobile apps to websites, broaden your business and attract a wide customer base.

Increase your customer engagement by providing all the information at their fingertips and maintaining a direct communication.

Add a new dimension to your marketing strategies by promoting your brand message through push notifications.

With increased brand visibility and sincere connection with your users, strengthen your customer loyalty.

Start the Paid Subscription with your preferred pricing plan, choosing from Standard, Professional and Elite.

Next, select your theme and upload your logo. The products will then be automatically synced from your web store to the app.

Your preferred payment gateway and other features are configured and customized, until the app meets your expectations.

We will guide you in promoting your mobile application, how to create new customers and how to boost your sales.


All the Features You Need

More than 100+ eCommerce features to showcase your brand

App Sync with Store

Mobile Apps Development in California that Auto-Sync to the Store with a variety of customizing options.

Payment Portal

Provides over 20+ payment gateway integration built with Mobile Apps Development in California.

Google Analysis

Mobile Apps Development in California incorporates Google Analytics providing crucial data-driven analysis.

Push Notifications

Notify your customers instantly about the latest deals in your store with Mobile Apps Development in California.

Inter-mutual Swipe Features

Mobile Apps Development in California provides Swipe Features aimed at providing a rich mobile experience.

Social Media Login

S-Mobi in California gives a self-integrated feature of Social Media Login.



Mobile Solution for Every Business

Earlier, mobile applications were restricted to only the big names. But now, every small and medium-sized business also has their own mobile application, spreading their reach to a wider geographical location. Irrespective of the industry, whether Food and Beverage, Entertainment or Fashion, mobile applications play a vital role in strengthening the brand image and building strong customer loyalty.

S-Mobi is the complete mobile application solution for your business, regardless of the industry. We make certain that you find the right design, ensuring better engagement and increased profits for your business.


See How the App Looks

Explore the S-Mobi screenshots and see how your brand will be showcased on our mobile application

Screenshot 27
Screenshot 26
Screenshot 25
Screenshot 23
Screenshot 22
Screenshot 21
Screenshot 20
Screenshot 19
Screenshot 18

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The team was brilliant! The assistance and support that we received was outstanding! The application is really impressive with all its features and functionalities!

Cleon Mike Howard CEO


Never thought it would be so easy to start my own mobile application! Thanks S-Mobi for the smooth experience.

Jim Patterson Marketing Manager

ABC NEWS - Rob Nelson and Paula Faris.
(ABC/Heidi Gutman)

I sure need to thank the support. They are the best! Thanks S-Mobi for my Android Restaurant application.

Evangeline Lawson CEO


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