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On-Demand Mobile Application Development

On-Demand Mobile Application Development All you need to know

On-Demand Mobile Applications has become one of the most common trends for business of new markets. On-Demand Mobile Applications makes little thing easy, quick and efficient for users. No matter what size or sector your business is these applications help to increase the productivity and visibility of your business. The On-Demand Mobile Application Development is based on bringing solutions at your door step with the help of the Mobile Application.


Some of the most common features of the On-Demand Mobile Applications are Schedule bookings, online payment methods, delivery services, real-time tracking, user profiles and much more. Any On-Demand Application can bring success for your business with its innovative features and functionalities. SHAMLA TECH Solutions helps businesses to build Uber-Like On-Demand Solutions for new markets or business sectors.


On-Demand Mobile Application Development by SHAMLA TECH Solutions


On-Demand Mobile Applications
On-Demand Mobile Applications


Developing On-Demand Mobile Applications can bring a whole lot of success with benefits for your business. As a Mobile Application Development Company, SHAMLA TECH Solutions work in order to make your requirements into a brilliant product. Our team of Mobile Specialists provides innovative and unique solutions for On-Demand Uber-Like Mobile Application Development.


Our Uber-Like On-Demand Mobile Solutions come with the best Mobile User-Experience, quick means of delivery of products or services, save a lot of time and money, structured online, cash or wallet payment methods, schedule booking and seamless rating and review methods. The word “Uber-Like” means to deliver services crossing boundaries in order to provide the best for the customers.


SHAML ATECH Solutions has launched some of the best On-Demand Mobile Applications like Handyboss for Services App, On-Demand Uber-Like Quick Trucks App and On-Demand Uber-Like Roadzi Taxi App.  Most of the On-Demand Apps comes with two individual Applications. That is one app for the admin/driver/delivery person and another app for Customers. In some cases, it comes with app for drivers, app for customers and the admin panel or dispatcher.


SHAMLA TECH Solutions has a wide pool of talented resources with long-term experience in Mobile Application Development. On-Demand Uber-Like Mobile Applications has the beast advantages than any other mobile app can possess. The application comes with the best features and functionalities and a whole lot of customizing protocols. The App can be customized as suited to your business model. Our On-Demand Uber-Like Mobile Application Development Solutions are robust and proficient.

Uber Like Truck App Development

Uber-like Truck App Development for a Logistics Business

Uber like truck apps development : a world-class Logistics Software


uber like truck apps development has become the first on the on-demand app list. Most of the Logistics Companies have made their success with the help of a Logistics Mobile Application. Uber-Like App show all the features and functionalities required for freight transportation. Features like easy on boarding for users to the simple and secure admin panel management. In addition, the app brings profits to the customers, the driver and the Business administrator as well. uber like truck apps development


The Importance of an Uber-Like Truck App Development


The Application has features like product images, real-time tracking, schedule booking, time and fare estimation and easy online payments.  Say for example the customer wants to move into a new house, he mentions the locations, choose his preferred vehicle, and upload images of the products and finds drivers instantly.


The driver, on the other hand, looks out for his assigned rides and starts his trip with the tracking map. The admin tracks and measures analytics and assigns rides with the complete dispatcher. Therefore, the goods are moved on time. Also, towards the end of the ride, a structured payment is automatically displayed. The customer makes the payment via credit, debit or e-wallets.


uber like truck apps development


Build an App like Uber for Trucks


SHAMLA TECH is one of the leading Mobile Development Companies specialized in building and designing On-Demand Uber like Truck App Development. To have a white-labeled application with the Uber-Like App Development for Logistics, get the best team of innovative developers who are richly experienced. Hence, our team of Mobile Experts provides solutions for a Logistics Mobile Application with no wastage of time and money.


On-Demand Truck Mobile Applications


The Uber like App Development is one of the on-demand applications in the market. It brings best benefits for Logistics Truck Business. Also, it increases the revenue. It also appeals customers to the app with its attractive interface and user-friendly features. In addition, the Uber-like App for Logistics is sure to bring scalability, visibility and success for your business. SHAMLA TECH has the best team of dedicated developers with a rich expertise and long-term experience.



Mobile Application Development for PrestaShop: Why Choose S-Mobi?

Mobile Application Development for PrestaShop: M-Commerce is taking over the online commerce market. With over 30% online sales coming from mobile devices, businesses need to buckle up and offer a seamless mobile shopping experience. That’s when mobile application development for PrestaShop can propel your business efforts into profitability.

Importance of Mobile Application Development for PrestaShop

Our customers are on-the-move and they rely on smartphones and tablets for carrying out daily transactions. This includes online shopping as well. In fact, the use of mobile phones has increased to a whopping 575% in the last three years.

While people may debate the importance of responsive sites as opposed to PrestaShop mobile apps, here’s why choosing the latter is a more profitable option.

When it comes to mobile application development, they are better at giving a smooth user experience than responsive sites. With instant communication, ready access to information and easy navigability, PrestaShop mobile apps offer customers a unique experience.

When you consider the benefits of mobile application development for PrestaShop for businesses, mobile apps allow instant customer service. Businesses can also easily connect with their targeted audience, increasing the chances of conversions. Mobile apps also give you a direct marketing channel, pushing your message to your customers and build brand loyalty.

S-Mobi: The eCommerce Mobile App for your Business

If you already own a PrestaShop store, then S-Mobi is the perfect solution for mobile application development for PrestaShop.

S-Mobi is a readymade mobile application for stores to expand their brand visibility and reach a larger target audience. S-Mobi lets you develop native PrestaShop mobile apps on the iOS and Android platform.

What makes S-Mobi the best choice for mobile application development for PrestaShop is its auto-synchronization feature. With this, you don’t have to manually add your database to your mobile app. The mobile application automatically syncs it from your PrestaShop store.

The mobile application gives you complete freedom to customize your app according to your business image. With over 100 features, you can include the ones that can benefit your business.

S-Mobi is the quickest way to set up your own mobile application. Get started with S-Mobi and reap the benefits of this mobile application development for PrestaShop solution.


Mobile Application Development for PrestaShop

Mobile Application Development for PrestaShop : There’s no debate that the e-Commerce market is booming. But here’s the fact, mobile commerce is exponentially growing on a larger scale. And so, mobile application development is rapidly becoming a prerequisite for every business.

Why Go Mobile?

The most important and simple factor for considering m-Commerce and mobile application development is the increasing number of smartphone and tablet owners and the amount of time spent on these devices. This number keeps increasing every year.

Also, when it comes to actual sales, mobile commerce sales are increasing. In fact, retail sales through smartphones in the United States increased by an astonishing 101%.

M-Commerce has benefits for your traditional retail sales as well. When customers receive real-time information through these mobile apps, it becomes more convenient for them to purchase from offline stores. The biggest example of such implementation is Starbucks. Through the mobile app, their customers pay for their coffee and later visit the store to pick their order.

Through mobile application development, you also get the best platform to showcase all your products. Users can access mobile apps to view the products on-the-go and then proceed to buy from the retail stores.

PrestaShop Mobile Apps

If you are a business with an existing e-commerce store, you can expand your target audience by building your own mobile app.

While e-commerce focuses on desktops and laptops, mobile commerce targets the smartphone and tablet users.  And so, there is an urgent demand for business services that complement your existing e-commerce store with a fully functional mobile application development solution.

With PrestaShop being one of the most preferred open source e-commerce platforms, Prestashop mobile apps are much in demand.

Mobile Application Development for PrestaShop

S-Mobi: PrestaShop Mobile Application Development

SHAMLA TECH Solutions provides S-Mobi, a Readymade mobile application development solution for Mobile Application Development for PrestaShop.

S-Mobi offers native PrestaShop Mobile Apps built on both iOS and Android platform. S-Mobi has all the essentials needed for a powerful mobile application. The Mobile Application Development for PrestaShop solution is fully customizable allowing you to represent your brand in your own unique way.

Some of the features of this PrestaShop Mobile Application Development solution include:

  • Native Prestashop mobile apps built for both iOS and Android
  • Auto synchronization of e-commerce products and data to the mobile app
  • Multilingual and Multiple currency support
  • Distinctive features such as Live Chat, Google Analytics, Loyalty Rewards
  • Other e-commerce features like Push notifications, multiple payment gateway and many more.

S-Mobi and its Prestashop mobile application development solution is the quickest way to build your own Prestashop mobile app.

Start utilizing the benefits of mobile commerce and reach a wider audience with Prestashop mobile application development.