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Magento is the most popular e-Commerce platform trusted by many brands and small businesses alike. With its ability to handle multiple storefronts and its powerhouse repertoire of features, it offers a great customer experience like no other.
S-Mobi supports the Magento platform to offer spectacular native Mobile Apps for Magento. Using the power of the Magento platform, S-Mobi is an innovative solution to increase your brand value and your bottom-line results. Here are some of the many features of the S-Mobi Magento Mobile App.

Sync With Store

Do you already own a Magento website? Then building a mobile app for your business is an easy task with S-Mobi.

S-Mobi supports the popular Magento platform and helps in real-time syncing of your product catalog, customer information, users and other important details from your online store to your app. So, you needn’t worry about the agony of manually adding every piece of information once again on your mobile application.

Gestures and Animations

How do you stand out from your competitors? By giving your customer a breathtaking user experience.

S-Mobi helps your mobile commerce store shine with interactive gestures and animations. This feature adds a fun element to the user experience and helps users connect with the application more. Also, with gestures and animations triggering the action buttons, you can use the maximum space for displaying your products.

Loyalty Points

Retain your customers and build loyalty with our integrated Loyalty Rewards system.

S-Mobi allows you to reward your customers for their purchases or any activities like social sharing, referrals and much more. With this exciting feature, you will succeed at increasing your brand reputation and pushing your sales higher.

Google Analytics

S-Mobi integrates Google’s Mobile App Analytics into every application, ensuring your marketing strategies are sure-fire winners and not mere guesses.

Learn which part of your app drives more conversion, which areas of your app aren’t working and who your users are. Through detailed mobile app analytics, you can develop a successful marketing strategy.

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Give your Store the advantage of a Magento Mobile App

With S-Mobi, you can now transform your Magento online website into powerful mobile apps. Regardless of your business size and industry, from flower shops, gift to fashion stores, S-Mobi is the complete mobile application solution for your retail business.