Mobile Application Development for PrestaShop: Why Choose S-Mobi?

Mobile Application Development for PrestaShop: M-Commerce is taking over the online commerce market. With over 30% online sales coming from mobile devices, businesses need to buckle up and offer a seamless mobile shopping experience. That’s when mobile application development for PrestaShop can propel your business efforts into profitability. Importance of Mobile Application Development for PrestaShop Our customers are on-the-move and they rely on smartphones and tablets for carrying out daily transactions. This includes online shopping as well. In fact, the use of mobile phones has increased to a whopping 575% in the last three years. While people may debate the importance of responsive sites as opposed to PrestaShop mobile apps, here’s why choosing the latter is a more profitable option. When it comes to mobile application development, they are better at giving a smooth user experience than responsive sites. With instant communication, ready access to information and easy navigability, PrestaShop mobile apps offer customers a unique experience. When you consider the benefits of mobile application development for PrestaShop for businesses, mobile apps allow instant customer service. Businesses can also easily connect with their targeted audience, increasing the chances of conversions. Mobile apps also give you a direct marketing channel, pushing your message to your customers and build brand loyalty. S-Mobi: The eCommerce Mobile App for your Business If you already own a PrestaShop store, then S-Mobi is the perfect solution for mobile application development for PrestaShop. S-Mobi is a readymade mobile application for stores to expand their brand visibility and reach a larger target audience. S-Mobi lets you develop native PrestaShop mobile apps on the iOS and Android platform. What makes S-Mobi the best choice for mobile application development for PrestaShop is its auto-synchronization feature. With this, you don’t have to manually add your database to your mobile app. The mobile application automatically syncs it from your PrestaShop store. The mobile application gives you complete freedom to customize your app according to your business image. With over 100 features, you can include the ones that can benefit your business. S-Mobi is the quickest way to set up your own mobile application. Get started with S-Mobi and reap the benefits of this mobile application development for PrestaShop solution.

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