SHAMLA TECH Solutions’ On-Demand Mobile Applications at Mobile World Congress 2018

SHAMLA TECH Solutions On-Demand Mobile Applications

SHAMLA TECH Solutions' stall inaugurated by the Union Telecom Minister

March 12, 2018

BARCELONA, SPAIN. March 1, 2018: SHAMLA TECH Solutions, an ISO 9001 Certified Company had its stall inaugurated by the Union Telecom Minister, Mr. Manoj Sinha at the World’s Biggest Mobile Application Event. SHAMLA TECH is one of the leading Mobile Application Development Company that provides Mobile Applications for businesses of different industries or sectors.





Mobile World Congress 2018 is one of the world’s biggest Mobile Application Development Event that took place in the Mobile World Capital, Barcelona, Spain. The International Event brought together Mobile Leaders from all around the world to take part in discussions on enterprise solutions, networking, and the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how these technologies could be applied to industries like manufacturing, health, insurance, agriculture, etc.


Mobile World Congress 2018 Event
Mobile World Congress 2018 Event

SHAMLA TECH showcased the ground-breaking On-Demand Mobile Applications such as the Uber-like App for Everything, Handy Boss Services App, Uber-Like Quick Trucks Application and the new Google Play store launched Uber-Like Roadzi Taxi Mobile Application at the #MWC18 event. All features and functionalities of the Uber-Like Mobile Application had been the spotlight.

The Mobile World Congress 2018 Event brought experts together in order to take part in discussions and conferences about the futuristic appliances of the Mobile Technology. Well reputed Mobile Development Companies with the most innovative mobile solutions had attended the event. Many manufacturers and Mobile Companies had revealed their new Smart phones, products and technologies.

SHAMLA TECH Solutions a Gold Certified PrestaShop partner in USA is rated as one of the Top 30 Best Technology Companies in 2017. The specialty of the company lies in areas of Mobility, E-Commerce, Blockchain, Digital Marketing and Uber-Like On-Demand Mobile Application Development. On-Demand Solutions had become the next bandwagon of Mobile Applications that brings large productivity for any business sector.



“It is an honour to have the Union Telecome Minister, Mr. Manoj Sinha to inaugurate our Booth at the Mobile World Congress 2018”, says Mr.Balaji, the Founder and Director of SHAMLA TECH Solutions. Mr.Manoj Sinha, Union Telecom Minister delivered the keynote address at the Mobile World Congress Event. He also launched the On-Demand Mobile Applications that had been showcased by SHAMLA TECH Solutions at the main event. The GSMA Mobile World Congress 2018 celebrates all the new products and technologies of international entrepreneurs of Mobile Applications, features and smart phones.

About SHAMLA TECH Solutions

SHAMLA TECH Solutions stands as one of the leading Mobile Development Companies with 5+ locations across the globe. S-Mobi, a venture of SAMLA TECH Solutions is a store for Mobile Applications. It accelerates your business of any size or industry into the most brilliant Mobile Applications. With a large dedicated team of Mobile Developers, we work in order to deliver unparalleled solutions to our clients.  We build and design innovative Mobile solutions for any kind of business, such On-Demand Uber-Like Applications, E-Commerce Applications and Blockchain Development.