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Be Safe, Always

Quick Alert is your personal safety app that keeps you and your friends connected at all times and allows you to alert each other during emergency situations. Once you’ve set your emergency contacts, the Quick Alert Mobile App lets you manually notify your friends whenever you are unsafe. Through the GPS feature, your current location will be immediately sent to your contacts.

Auto-notifications to your rescue

Wonder how will you notify your friends if you’ve met with an accident? Quick Alert introduces the newest motion detector feature which automatically sends your current location to your contacts whenever your phone is dropped. The sudden jolt of your phone triggers the automatic notification alert thereby keeping you safe even when you are physically unable to send the message.

Be Safe at all times with Quick Alert

We have all felt vulnerable during many situations. With Quick Alert, you can ensure your safety at all times.

  • Set your circle of emergency contacts – friends, family and co-workers
  • Stay in touch with your contacts during all emergency situations
  • Manually share your current location whenever you are unsafe
  • Special feature that sends automatic notifications
  • Never let your friends and family feel unsafe and alone
  • Reach your friends immediately whenever there is an emergency situation

Your Safety is in your hands

  • Accident Emergencies

    Whenever your phone experiences an impact, especially during accidents, Quick Alert shares your current location automatically.
  • Never walk home alone

    If you feel unsafe walking home alone, just stay in touch with your friends and family through the Quick Alert Mobile App.
  • Notify your circle

    Share your location to your selected emergency contacts to tell them exactly where you are right now.
  • Motion Detector Alert

    Set your own sensitivity control to trigger the automatic notification alert sent to your contacts.

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  • Set your profile

    Register on the Quick Alert Mobile app and set your profile details, including your contact number and permanent address.
  • Build your network

    The Quick Alert app allows you to choose your network of emergency contacts which includes your friends, family and co-workers.
  • GPS Location Share

    The mobile app provides the GPS Location share feature which allows you to notify your contacts your current location.


  • Manual Notifications

    Do you feel threatened while getting back from office or during any similar situations? Share your location manually.
  • Automatic Alerts

    The motion detector feature triggers an automatic location alert whenever your phone experiences any sudden jolts.
  • Stay in touch

    Stay connected with your friends and family and inform them where you are right now by sharing your current location.

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