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Why build an App for School Management?

The School Management App stands as the one-stop solution for the overall academic performance and educational development of the student. The School Management App allows the users to completely manage their school duties and remove the hassle of a tedious communication system.

Providing the Best for the Best

We provide App Solutions that are flexible and secure with increased efficiency. The Class Teacher Application comes with the advanced technologies of 100% customization, transparency and easy-to-use features that meet all specific requirements of users.


  • Increased Transparency
  • Improves the quality of work
  • Collaborate with teachers and parents efficiently
  • Get a clear view of the student’s educational and behavioral progress
  • Access from anywhere at any time
  • An effective way of communication
  • Enhance School Visibility
  • Stay Connected with the Institution

What makes the App Outstanding?

  • Admin

    The Web App helps the Admin to Administer, schedule and manage all duties with principals, students, teachers and parents of different schools all from one place in a simplest way. It also provides other information of each of them individually.
  • Principal

    The Web App offers an easier solution for managing the school’s overall activities. It also provides custom features to supervise different classes, examinations, announcements, student’s progress, attendance, teacher’s duties and more.
  • Teacher

    The App provides teachers with simplified tools to manage every task regarding each individual student, class and subject. They are allowed to upload and collect assignments online, view attendance, schedule exams, note of lessons and much more.
  • Parent

    The App keeps parents updated on their child’s educational and behavioral progress, attendance and health report. It gives them a clear view of all the announcements, assignments, examinations and other notifications regarding their child.

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  • Student Development

    The Educational and Behavioral Progress of the Student can be viewed along with their health and attendance report.
  • In App Messaging

    Teachers and parents can communicate with each other individually or have forum discussions with the principal as well.
  • Push Notifications

    Users will receive notifications whenever anything is uploaded or assigned to them. This feature can be customized as per user.


  • User Profile

    Each User can upload a profile picture, email and phone number. This feature gives a unique identity to every user.
  • Simple Admin Management

    The Admin can take an overall view of all schools individually right from principals and teachers to parents and students.
  • Easy Communication

    Announcements, assignments, examinations and other important academic information can easily be scheduled and sent to all the users.

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