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Trucks Application for a successful Fleet Management Business

Trucks Application for a successful Fleet Management Business

Trucks Application for a successful Fleet Management Business

Truck Application Development helps you administer your Fleet Management business in a most efficient manner. The Quick Trucks Application connects truck drivers with shippers for freight transportation. The application comes with exclusive and customized features and functionalities. If you are a business owner of a trucking company, it is high time you get your business transformed into a mobile application. This not only brings benefits of profitability by also increase the visibility and efficiency of your business.

Mobile Applications for a fleet management company is very essential as it helps to track shipment and execute procurement. The Trucks Application provides features and functionalities that make it easy for the drivers and well as the shippers to connect to each other and get their freight transported by saving a lot of time and money.

The geographical circumference of the Logistics Trucks Industry has increased in all its sectors. One of the main causes for the industry to grow competitive is the “Uber for Trucks” revolution. This has transformed many startups to large trucking business companies. A mobile application for the industry is very useful, as it helps eliminating various factors that once upon a time had a dull impact on the Logistics industry.


The necessity to have a Trucks Application for a trucking business

The Quick Trucks Application simplifies the task of organizing the flow of things from the point of origin to the point of delivery.  The applications does everything right from finding nearby drivers, mentioning the pickup an drop locations, transporting freight, finding the images of the goods, real time tracking, navigation map, secure payment methods to rating and reviews.

With a Trucks Application, the trucking company can administer their business from different perspectives. It reduces all risks and problems that any logistics company will have. For instance, it reduces empty hauls; respectively it saves time and money. In this way, it makes the drivers, shippers and the business owners satisfied and happy. It fulfills the complete and immediate requirements of end users.

In order to compete with the others in the logistics industry, it is necessary to have a user centric and feature packed mobile application. A single application can simplify all your tasks with its exclusive features. The app is easier to use. It is developed in order to provide the users a trouble free and stress free and speedy experience. The sole mission of the app is to provide the customers an overall proficient experience.

Quick Trucks Application for Trucking Business

As a Mobile Application Development Company, our team of mobile developers provides applications that not only satisfies the clients but also brings the best benefits for the customers. This increases the visibility and scalability of trucking business owners. The Quick Trucks Application developed by our expert team of mobile developers comes in two applications individually for drivers and shippers. Also, the app comes with the back end admin dispatcher. This helps to get the analytics of the whole business in a much easier manner.

Trucks Application
Trucks Application



The Quick Trucks application has a feature that monitors the location of the vehicle in which the freight is transported. In this way, the shippers and the admin is given the opportunity to view the location of the truck via real time tracking. This also provides the advantage of reliability for the business owner from the shipper’s point of view. It makes them feel secure of their freight as they are able to locate where exactly the truck is moving.

The App also provides options for helping the admin monitor the fleet management of the company in the easiest manner. It helps to enhance the services of cargo transportation. The Trucks Application records the list of rides made by the driver and also the scheduled rides to be made. In addition, it provides a feature for the shipper to take note of the completed and scheduled rides.

Complete Mobile App Solution

Booking a truck to facilitate freight transportation has also been a hard task without a mobile application. As for now, the Quick Trucks Application provides options of booking a truck via a mobile app or booking it manually. Another exclusive feature of the app helps to track the location of the cargo as well.

In addition, this makes the shipper feel secure of his cargo and will know at which place it exactly is located. With such exclusive features, the customers will be enlightening to give a high rating for the company. This help to improve the goodwill of the company. Our team of expert Mobile Developers provides the complete Mobile Solution for business of any size or sector.