“Uber for Trucks” and Logistics App Development

Uber for Trucks  and Logistics App Development: Transporting goods from one place to another becomes very difficult without an Application. The Logistics Industry has become wider with the launching of so many successful mobile applications. The main motive of the industry is to connect the shippers to the truck owners directly with the help of the application thereby meeting the clear requirements of both respectively. and Logistics App Development: Transporting goods from one place to another becomes very difficult without an Application. The Logistics Industry has become wider with the launching of so many successful mobile applications. The main motive of the industry is to connect the shippers to the truck owners directly with the help of the application thereby meeting the clear requirements of both respectively.

What are the problems faced in the Logistics Industry?

To solve all the problems of the Logistics Industry, the best solution can be a Mobile Application. Being a Hiring Truck Company, finding drivers to meet your quick requirements and paying a structured cost is often a predicament. Most of the truck drivers drive empty and so they are often paid only half the amount of their long haul. Uber for Trucks   Such ravage of time and money can be eliminated with a Logistics Mobile application. They connect the shippers to the truck drivers instantly, thus, increasing the visibility of the business and increasing bottom-line results as well.

The specialty of “Uber for Trucks”

The Uber for Trucking has become a prominent application that showcases the perfect as well as a top-notch application that suits the needs of the shippers and the truckers. Uber, as we all know leads the transportation industry with its incredible mobile application across the world. Uber for Trucks Uber for Trucks Just as how the taxi connects to people across the world, meeting their immediate requirements, now Uber has made a VIP entrance into the trucking business as well. Most of the logistics industry tends to follow the footsteps of Uber or even try to surpass its popularity. The “Uber for Trucks” Mobile Application imbibes essential features that make freight transportation quick and easy. It connects the truckers to entities for freight transportation in order to decrease the time spent transporting, tracking and delivering.  Uber has revolutionized the Logistic Industry which tries to market their apps similar to Uber in most of its features and functionalities. Logistics services who strategize to take their business to the next level aim at developing apps like Uber, Cargomatic, Convey and Traansmission. Finding the best reliable way to meet their business requirements as well as the requirements of the shippers and the truckers is the main motive of a well-renowned trucking company.

Uber for Trucks App Development

Logistics Applications are the need of the hour for most of the Logistics Companies. These applications are growing rapidly in the industry and benefiting massively for the owners. Study shows that nearly 80% of the logistics industries have set their sights in developing mobile applications this year. The main feature of the application is the location-based system. Tracking, Delivering and payment are structured and implemented clearly. Being a Mobile Application Development Company, developers at SHAMLA TECH build applications for the logistics industry for both the iOS and the Android platforms.  Logistics Applications invest a huge sum of revenue through Mobile Applications. It can improve competence, decrease costs and augment benefits for the customers as well. These applications can be the most competitive of the day, but with increased customer retention rates it never fails to reach a wide spectrum of success for any trucking business. The Uber for trucking application has two individual applications: Uber for drivers and Uber for Customers. It’s almost similar to the taxi app, with some modifications.  The two separate applications bring benefits for the two separate users as well. They are developed by keeping in mind the immediate requirements of the users.
Uber for trucks
Uber for trucks
Most of the Logistics applications are built in the same way, while some have extended features and benefits for the users. Transportation companies have a better solution for their business by implementing mobile applications. The main features of the application includes,
  • Live Tracking
  • High-quality performance
  • Truck Specifications
  • Schedule Bookings
  • Time and distance flexibility

Uber for Trucks : Mobile Application for Drivers

The trucks drivers in the Logistics industry mostly face problems of time and money wastage. Mobile Applications can solve all these problems and keep them happy going in their business. As mentioned earlier, the main motive of developing Mobile Applications for most of the transportation companies is to connect the drivers directly to the customers for easy and quick freight transport. Uber for truck apps for driver Uber for Trucks The drivers are given the option to receive instant notifications from nearby shippers. He accepts the request and starts his ride. Again, he can confirm or cancel rides in accordance with his preference. He can also confirm schedule rides, helping him to save time on the other hand. The shipper’s details and images of the products are displayed on his application, this will help him know the products (if fragile or concrete) that he will be transporting to the destination. The driver is also given the option to contact the shipper at any time once the request is confirmed.  The maps on the application also navigate him to the destination, showing all possible ways to reach the drop location as fast as possible. When it comes to the question of reliability, drivers are made to access the application only with optimistic requirements. The Truck specifications, valid proofs like residential proofs, bank details and vehicle insurance, and license should be given in order to be registered with the application. Another added benefit is the live tracking system that helps the shippers knows where their products are.  Applications are built in such a way that the transportation company can ensure that no illegitimate driver gets registered on the app. This feature of the application brings the trustworthy relationship between the business administrators and customers.

Uber for Trucks – Mobile Application for Shippers

The Logistics application should not only meet all the requirements of the shippers but ensure safety and security as well. They could easily get agitated if the application is faulty, or if the truckers are not up to mark with the business. The application should help them find the truck in their area in an instant.
Uber for trucks apps for cusmoter
Uber for trucks apps for cusmoter
Without an application, being a mediator between the shippers and the truckers is a big problem.  All kinds of hindrances can slow down the process of transportation, at times there is no guarantee of safety and wastage of money and time becomes common. The Logistics Application for Shippers enables them to find the pickup and drop locations on the map by just typing the first few words. The driver’s details along with the truck specifications can be viewed on the shipper’s app. They are given the freedom to choose their truck for freight transportation. The available drivers and trucks are displayed on the map as well. The main features of the application show the time and fare estimation of the freight. The app allows them to contact the drivers, track the arrival of the truck and make a review and rate the driver. In the competitive industry of Logistics, it’s high time to benefit a lot via an application. Mobile Applications has become the norm of the day. By building a Mobile Application, the benefits do not shoot to the company alone but to the driers and the shippers as well. This will increase the visibility of the business. To increase the flexibility and visibility of your business, the best solution is a Mobile Application. This will also benefit drivers by saving time and money on their schedule. The Online Payments are also secured on the application. The shippers are given the option of making schedule bookings for later rides. Our Mobile Application Development Company has the first-class solution for a perfect Mobile Application that would suit the precise requirements of the drivers and shippers of any Logistics Business. Similar to the “Uber for Trucks”, our developers can provide an application that will bring a huge benefit and recognition to your Logistics Company.

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