Overall Client Rating for ROADZI TAXI APP is 4.5 out of 5.0 by 150+ Global Clients.

Solution Overview

An all- inclusive taxi app tailored to serve every stakeholder

Convenient Taxi booking services for the customers

We develop brilliant native iOS and Android taxi booking apps with simple user interface and high speed performance to boost your enterprise.

Instant bookings

The users can enter the pickup and drop locations and book a ride instantly

Real time tracking

The passengers shall track the drivers with a virtual road map and receive an SMS on arrival

Easy payment methods

Users are free to make payments with any of the available choices and receive invoices for the same

Reviews and ratings

Users are at the liberty to review and rate every ride as per their personal experience

Emergency alerts

An inbuilt SOS button for the passengers to alert the operators in case of a safety risk

Compatible taxi apps for the drivers

We facilitate your drivers to receive and accept ride requests from the users and initiate the service promptly

Quick registration

The drivers shall fill in their particulars and upload scanned copies of the authentic documents within the boundaries of the app

Instant requests

The drivers receive notifications whenever a ride is booked and can accept or cancel it with easy interface

Trip particulars

Drivers get location inputs when a ride is booked and shall reach the destination easily with the in- built navigation techniques

Track payments

The taxi app allows the drivers to track their daily earnings and pending payments and gives them insights for better performance

A core management space for taxi business

We help strengthen your position as a business manager by way of assisting you to control the taxi booking operations from one end to the other.

Driver management

Approve the requests of drivers to join the community and add drivers manually if necessary

Passenger management

View the details of every user registered on your platform, check their reviews and ratings and provide them with what they need.

Automate payments

Make automatic payments to your drivers based on the rides they take and keep track of the transactions.


Receive frequent insights on your business and work on them to expand your commercial boundaries faster.

Dedicated space for your manual dispatches

Request Management

You have multiple channels to accept requests via phone calls, messages and online bookings so that you can manage them all at ease

Track trips

Track every trip on the network and respond to a call of emergency at once.

Create bookings

Create bookings instantly for an existing customer on the database or add a new one to the database and send notifications and updates.

Manage feedback

Get access to the reviews of the customers and drivers simultaneously and take necessary actions.


  • Integrated Analytics
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Global Visibility
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Secure Authentication
  • Customized Protocols
  • Advanced Reports
  • Extensive Admin Panel
  • Multi-Lingual Support


  • Efficient and High-Quality

    Gain the whole benefits of an app that is cost-effective, white-labelled and highly efficient. Make your business easy and proficient in the simplest way!
  • User-Friendliness

    Appeal more customers to your business with a smooth and sleek user-interface. Build a successive app that can easily meet the immediate requirements of your customers.
  • Scalability

    Apps like Uber and Lyft brings benefits for the customers, drivers and administrators as well. These Apps helps to generate revenue and make business grow to success!
  • Satisfied Customers

    The most significant part of any business is to increase customer retention rates. Give your Customer the best Booking and Travel Experience with the Roadzi Taxi Application.
  • Trip History/Invoice

    The User’s Trip History shows the list of rides and the information of a particular ride that includes the invoice.
  • Real-Time Tracking

    The tracking feature helps you track the customer and the drivers in a simple and easy manner, no matter which place they are at.
  • Ride Estimate

    The feature provides a full estimation of the structured fare and time taken to reach a destination.


  • Easy Payment Methods

    Online payments, in-app wallets and payment by cash are some of the secure payment features of the Taxi Application.
  • Push Notifications

    Notify your Customers immediately to ensure booking, driver’s arrival, driver’s contact details and that they have finished their ride.
  • Schedule Booking

    Give your customers the ease to book rides prior and find drivers at their doorstep at the right time.


User profile

A private account for the passengers to view and manage their rides

Authentic verification

OTP verification to double check and authenticate mobile numbers

Ride Now

Instant ride bookings in a few clicks

Schedule Ride

Pre- booking a future ride with date and time

Time estimates

ETA updates are sent to the passenger based on the driver’s location

Fare calculation

The passenger is updated with estimated fare based on the pickup and drop locations

Payment options

Make secure cash transactions with a convenient payment mode

Push notifications

Receive ride updates from time to time via email and SMS

Track drivers

Get the particulars of the drivers and track them easily

SOS alert

In app emergency button to send immediate alerts to the authorities

Discount codes

Passengers can use the promo codes to avail discounts on selected rides

Referral Rewards

The user receives rewards for each referral converted into a ride

Simple registration

Drivers can join the network with an easy sign up provided they have the essential documents

Availability marker

Drivers can notify if they are online or offline so that they shall or shall not receive rides

Instant notifications

Drivers get notified as and when they are assigned a ride

Accept/ Decline

Simple interface for the drivers to accept or deny rides

Trip inputs

Drivers get access to the location of the customers for a flawless pickup and drop experience


The app is integrated with Google maps for the drivers to identify the shortest route to the destination

Passenger contact

Drivers shall call the passengers in case of any clarification regarding the pickup location

Initiate/ terminate trips

Drivers are empowered with the authority to start or end a ride based on which the fare is calculated.

Manage earnings

Drivers can view their job history and track down their earnings for the day

Driver’s dashboard

The dashboard displays insights and stats on the rides to encourage improved performance

Rate customer

Drivers can rate the customers considering how they approach and behave during the rides

Cancel booking

Drivers are flexible to cancel the rides that come their way if required

Safe login

Get secure and authentic access to the admin panel from any web browser

Admin dashboard

Get stats and summary of progress and work accordingly

Manage drivers

Review signup requests from drivers, add them and fix costs for each driver

Track drivers

Get to know the current locations of the drivers with real time tracking

User management

Get access to the details of the users on your platform and manage them efficiently

Dispatch management

Manage the dispatch operators on your network to see to telephonic and SMS bookings

Vehicle management

Add the details of the vehicles that are in use to track them as and when you want

Manage sections

Add more categories or services to be displayed on your taxi app

Manage costs

Set fares and tariffs for minimum distance, cancellation and waiting

Analytics & Reports

Get practical insights on your commercial operations and make effective business plans

Dispatch management

Administer your dispatches with the carefully handpicked dispatch operators

Manual Bookings

Create fresh entries for manual bookings to auto assign drivers for the same

Heat map

Estimate the demand of the hour with the heat map and handle the situation smartly

SMS alerts

Activate or deactivate SMS notifications for certain trips, passengers or drivers

Currency settings

Set the currency units pertaining to the geographical location you extend service to.

Administer costs

Handle the pricing with algorithms to manage the uneven supply and demand

Commercial profile

Build an exclusive profile to see to business travel and the expenses connected to it

Ride passes

Distribute ride passes to the users to facilitate multiple rides at limited costs

Suggest locations

Suggest familiar pickup points to the customers to serve them better

In- app messages

Allow your passengers and drivers to have live chats with the support team within the app

VOIP calls

Facilitate voice calls between the drivers and the passengers over the internet to ensure complete privacy

Integrate bookings

Integrate the voice call bookings with the dispatch operations to extend service at a faster rate

Set up operational zones

Customize your operational zone to receive appropriate dispatch requests

Flat fares

Set up a flat pricing for familiar routes and destinations to attract customers

Driver accounts

Maintain the driver income reports, cash transfers and other requests

RTL language base

Handle customers who are prone to right to left writing and reading


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Roadzi Taxi2
Roadzi Taxi3
Roadzi Taxi5
Roadzi Taxi4
Roadzi Taxi6
Roadzi Taxi7
Roadzi Taxi8
Roadzi Taxi9
Roadzi Taxi10


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Cleon Mike Howard

Cleon Mike Howard

The team was brilliant! The assistance and support that we received was outstanding! The application is really impressive with all its features and functionalities!
Cleon Mike Howard
The team was brilliant! The assistance and support that we received was outstanding! The application is really impressive with all its features and functionalities!
Jonathan Sykes (1)

Jonathan Sykes

We made the right decision by hiring developers at Shamla Tech. The Application has brought a huge success for our Business! Would really consider working with the team again in future!!
Jonathan Sykes (1)
We made the right decision by hiring developers at Shamla Tech. The Application has brought a huge success for our Business! Would really consider working with the team again in future!!
Byron Netto (1)

Byron Netto

An Excellent Application! Very efficient and perfectly built!! I am really overwhelmed by the team of developers for their sincerity and dedication towards all our requirements
Byron Netto (1)
An Excellent Application! Very efficient and perfectly built!! I am really overwhelmed by the team of developers for their sincerity and dedication towards all our requirements